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Monday, December 21, 2015

top favourite cream eyeshadows for special occasions for NC40

I'm not one to par-tay, but on special occasions, these are the shadows that I choose from to create a glamorous, sophisticated look. So here we go...these are my picks for party perfect eyes:

Personally I like cream eyeshadows, be they in stick or pot form, because they're quick to apply, simple to blend and stay put for a long time, making them ideal since I don't usually have a lot of time to get ready and rarely a chance to check and touch up my makeup. Once I've got these base shades on my lids, I might add more shadows to my crease and along my lower lash-line to add some definition and drama. But sometimes these babies can carry themselves with no help whatsoever.

best cream eyeshadows for parties and special events NC40

Nothing says party to me than metallic or shimmery shadows. I say, leave the mattes for the day-to-day but when you want to show you're ready to have a good time, you're eyes should sparkle. Haha! ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Shadow - La La | $5 is a beautiful rose gold shade that has an irresistible sheen. It is highly pigmented and makes a statement for sure. For a more glittery option that is sure to brighten up any evening gala is Jouer Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadow - Galaxy | $30 which, try as I might, I can never quite capture its true beauty and effect on camera. The soft bronze base is diluted with hundreds of tiny flecks of iridescent shimmer and glitter that sparkle like nothing else I own. The shade is most aptly named because it really does look like you're looking at a picture of the Galaxy, and also because the eyeshadow is just out of this world (Ouch! Couldn't resist!). And then I have Maybelline Color Tattoo - On & On Bronze | £4.99 which I've raved about here. This little pot needs no introduction and is known for being stunning for both daytime and evenings, on a multitude of skintones and it's simple appearance should not be underestimated.

colourpop lala swatch, jouer galaxy swatch, maybelline on and on bronze swatch on NC40 skin
Not the greatest swatches, but I tried. Lol!

Next up, I have a few more cream shadows that come in stick and 'paint' forms. The most interesting formula is that of Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint - 006 Rich Russet (discontinued???) which comes in a lip gloss style tube and a sponge tip applicator, which makes painting this highly pigmented product straight onto the eye lids easy. It is very wet compared to all the others and comes out very bold and shiny. It can be blended, very quickly though because it dries and sets and doesn't budge, to leave a beautiful bronze sheen but I like it layered on to create a striking wet, opaque shade.

best cream eyeshadows for NC40 skin special occasions christmas

For eyeshadow sticks, the two I love are almost identical in formula and from either end of the spectrum. NARS Velvet Shadow Stick - Goddess | £20 is described as a pink champagne shade, but on my skin most of the pink is lost and only the gorgeous gold sheen remains. It is a bright and light gold shade that draws attention to my eyes. KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow | £6.90 relies on fine glitter to shimmer its way to straight up stunning. It has a plum-brown base, and like Galaxy, is covered in beautiful iridescent shimmer. This is a very different shade for me since I don't tend to go for darker shades on my lids but I can't deny how amazing this looks and always makes me feel ready for a special evening.

Rimmel Rich Russet swatch, Nars Goddess swatch, Kiko 05 Rosy Brown swatch on NC40 skin

Although this post is about my favourite cream eyeshadows for special occasions, I must give an honorary mention to a couple of Barry M Dusts which I used on my wedding and my sister's wedding makeup looks. Barry M Fine Glitter Dust - 15 Iridescent Gold | £4.59 is one of those glitter shades that I can pat on top of any shadow and it will take my makeup from regular to regal. And of course, a classic party eye choice is Barry M Dazzle Dust - 44 Bronze | £4.59 which will give you bright bronze eyes like no other product in the world. It is stunning. I had to share these gems in this post too because these aren't shadows that I could ever wear without a real reason. ;)

perfect eyeshadows for parties and special occasions and christmas

So there you have my picks for Party Perfect Eyes. If you are celebrating and attending parties over the next week I hope you have a good time. What are your go-to party eyeshadows? Do you share my love of cream eyeshadows?
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