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Thursday, November 05, 2015

maybelline, l'oreal and rimmel tinted brow gels

I'm not a paint on your brows and take over the world kind of girl. I have sparse but dark brow hairs, making the gaps obvious; I also don't pluck or shape them and rely on makeup to give my brows muscles, physique and flair

Whilst my favourite way to do my brows is to fill them in with powder, I'm always on the lookout for easier, quicker options that will butch up my brows. In such an endeavour I've come across these 3 products which each offer something different for my brows:

THE BROW MASCARA | Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara £4.99

This comes with the strangest, multi-dimensional wand but despite the weird shape, it is highly effective as what it does. The product is not very pigmented and on my brows this adds no body nor does it aid in filling in the spaces. What this is great for though is setting my brow powder work in place. It glides on but doesn't remove much, if any, of the powder underneath, dries and sets everything in place. I like using this when I have a party to attend because I can guarantee that underneath my hijaab, everything is as I want it. Yes they get a tad crispy but I think that's a given since it is a brow mascara. (This comes in 4 shades including a transparent one).

best drugstore brow gels and brow mascaras

THE TINTED BROW GEL | L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper £5.99

I love the little wand of this because it is tiny, allows control and doesn't get product all over the place. This took some time for me to grow to love because it doesn't have that quick brow fix power I assumed it would. It's more pigmented than the Maybelline, so you can build the product up to get some shape and body but this only catches on hairs that exist, and since I don't have many of those often I find it a bit blah. It's great for when I only have a few minutes to get ready or when I want to set my brow powder with something more bolder. (This comes in 3 shades including a transparent gel).

brow mascaras and gels nc40 dark brown

THE BROW MULTIPLIER | Rimmel Brow This Way £3.99

We've all heard of mascaras that claim to multiply your lashes, well this is the brow version and it actually does give the illusion of full bodied, hench brows that mean business. I don't know if this has fibres in it but this doesn't just rely on existing hairs. This places a highly pigmented product on your brow hairs and the skin behind it so you instantly get not-so-neat, youthful and natural looking set of brows. As much as I love the overall effect, the wand is huge making it very awkward for a shaky-handed person like me to get it only where I desire and not all over my face LOL! (This comes in 4 shades including a clear gel).

My perfect brow gel of dreams would be the Rimmel product with the wand of the L'Oreal and the staying power of the Maybelline. If someone would create this product, I would be an eternally grateful customer. I am very loyal ;)

rimmel brow this way, loreal brow artist plumper, maybelline brow drama

Have you tried any or all of these? How do you get along with them? Are there any other brow gels you know of that could help me? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me. As always, you're more than welcome to come and say hi to me on my Instagram.

Sal xxx | @ummbaby

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  1. If you don't like the 'painted on' look then I would definitely recommend Sleek's brow kit and clear brow gel! They create really natural looking brows, but will fill gaps and add thickness if you need it!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. I will try to pick that up soon. thanksxxx

  2. I'm using the brow drama at the moment because I've ran out of my pencil and it's terrible. I'm relying on it until I can get another pencil or even wait till Christmas when I get my gimmebrow...I hate the wand it's so bulky you can't get precision I just hate it I won't be getting it again I'm just trying to use it up now x

    1. oh no!! i hope you pick up a pencil soon. have you tried soap & glory archery? xxx

  3. I am using the L'oreal one at the moment and like it, I had the Maybelline before but wasn't keen on the wand. Need to try the Rimmel next then ;) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. The Rimmel one has the most pigmentation of the lot but the brush is HUGE! lol xxx

  4. I've actually only tried the Maybelline out of these, I do agree it's a tad crispy but it's nice enough for when I want bold brows :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I guess the crispiness can't be avoided lol xxx


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