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Monday, November 09, 2015

best nyx soft matte lip creams for NC40 medium tan indian asian skin complexion

These are by no means new products, but since they're new to me, and have only recently become easily available to us here in the UK I thought I would share which shades I bought and how I'm finding them.

best nude shades of nyx soft matte lip creams for nc40 skin

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream | £5.50 each

They come in the cutest packaging with a perfect doe-foot applicator that really allows a lot of control. They also smell really nice; yes it's a bit of a synthetic scent but it's sweet and I don't find it overbearing. Where I think NYX have really succeeded with this product is in the range of shades available. There are some amazing nude shades for women of colour, from dusky pink to beige brown, which is so hard to get from any brand let alone a highstreet/drugstore cosmetics brand. There is definitely something for everyone. 

The brand describes these as "neither lipstick nor lip gloss" and I have to add, also not a liquid lipstick!!! I don't know why I was under the impression they would be but they don't have enough slip on application and are not as pigmented and do not last as long as a liquid lipstick should. These literally are a lip cream that eventually dry to a matte finish. They remind me a lot of Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet but with less pigmentation.

nyx soft matte lip cream on nc40 skin

In terms of the formula I'd say I like it, but I don't love it. They are not as pigmented as you might hope for and since I have pigmented lips, it is quite difficult for me to achieve an opaque layer of product with only one application. I have to wait for the first layer to dry and then apply another and sometimes even a 3rd layer to get the intensity I desire. I have found slight variations on how they apply and sit on the lips between the shades. Some of them are very unforgiving in terms of cracks or dryness, which isn't unlike most matte formulas, but having said that they are not uncomfortable or drying to wear.

I decided to pick up shades based on images of swatches and lip swatches I saw online and thought would suit my skintone:
  • Abu Dhabi - a peachy brown beige that appears as a true nude shade on me
  • Antwerp - a bright pink that appears more vibrant on lips
  • Cannes - a beautiful balance of pink and brown 
  • London - an orange brown shade that conceals my lips in a lovely way
  • Stockholm - a peachy pink with a hint of brown that is brightening and flattering
NC40 swacthes of nyx soft matte lip creams in antwerp, abu dhabi, london, stockholm and cannes

At first I was shocked by the nude-ness of Abu Dhabi and London, which are not shades I usually reach for since I much prefer pink lips. But honestly, I've grown to love these browner nude shades on me, though I cannot achieve much by them without a lip liner first. Paired with KIKO Automatic Precision Lip Liner - 504 Mauve, which is a striking grey brown on me, both these shades really pop and give me 2 slightly different nude lip looks without washing me out.

It goes without saying that Cannes is my favourite shade of the lot and I think it would suit most people. It is easy to wear and pairs nicely with a variety of different lip liners. Stockholm is also very pretty and one that I don't find I need to line my lips beforehand to use. Antwerp comes across a lot brighter than I like but is stunning when worn with a deeper, darker lip liner which helps to calm the vibrancy of the colour.

Overall, I really like these and have got every intention of picking up a few more colours. Yes, it does take some extra preparations to get these looking right - exfoliation, a lip balm, a lip liner, a couple of layers - but there's something about them. I really enjoy using them! I'm loving creating lots of new and unique shades and combinations with these. And they're so affordable, I can't see how you could go wrong with these really.

antwerp, abu dhabi, london, stockholm, cannes on NC40 skin

Have you tried these yet? Have you experienced some patchiness upon application or are you able to use these straight without any problems? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me. As always, you're more than welcome to come and say hi to me on my Instagram.

Sal xxx | @ummbaby

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  1. Have not tried them yet but they do sound fab! I like more bright lipsticks so might just have to treat myself (again! :D)
    I really like Cannes and Antwerp :)

    1. They have some fantastic bright shades in the range ;) xxx

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing this for us all. I am so pleased there are shades that WOC friendly and I can totally see myself purchasing Cannes, Stockholm and London. I even think Abu Dhabi may look gorgeous on my complexion... one more thing to add to my ever increasing wish list...xx

    1. I know, i am so impressed they have such lovely shades. even the ones that are quite light shaded, can be used to mix colours and create so many different shades. Love them xxx

  3. Cannes looks right up my street! I just ordered one from Boots in the shade Copenhagen so I can't wait to try it. x

    Megan |

    1. Cannes is the colour i think everyone should pick up!!! ;) ooooh nice xxx

  4. I must say I do like the shades of all of these!
    Charlotte //

  5. Ooh I like the look of all of these, especially Antwerp. I only picked up one, San Paulo but this has given me some ideas for my next MYX purchases ;) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. That shade seems rather popular, but I don't know if I'm quite ready to take the leap yet. Haha! xxx

  6. I've just bought one of these, San Paolo and the formula definitely reminds me the Bourjois Velvet Edition. Just like you, I'm not head over heels for this Lip Cream, I really want to try the Matte lipsticks next from the brand :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Absolutely!!! We are deffo on the same page here. They also have those Lip Suedes that are super popular that I want to try. xxx

  7. Cannes and Stockholm are my favourites from this post! I still need to buy some NYX products :)

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  8. Great Post! Love the London shade! so excited that NYX have come to Boots x

    1. I know, isn't it fantastic that they're finally here and easy to pick up now! :) xxx

  9. I love the texture of these but I don't think so the colors that I have suit me that well, or maybe they are just too bright for my liking :|

    Sam || Beautydetour

  10. I've been wanting to get my hands on these!! The shades are so pretty especially Stockholm

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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