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Friday, November 13, 2015

review of bdellium studio and maestro makeup brushes

I posted my favourite makeup brushes on my blog not too long ago, but I fear that list needs updating now. I've had the pleasure of trying out some beautiful brushes by Bdellium Tools, a brand focused on bringing professional brushes to the market at an affordable price point without compromising on quality. I was lucky enough to be sent brushes from both their signature yellow handled 'Studio' line and their luxurious 'Maestro' line therefore I've decided to split this review into 2 parts and I'm starting off with their iconic yellow handled brushes. (Maestro Brushes review here)


amazing affordable professional makeup brushes
Iconic yellow, full sized handles

review of affordable professional makeup brushes

The first thing to note about these brushes is that they are handmade using a mixture of natural and synthetic hairs, to create the right feel for each purpose. Everything is made to a high standard from the ferrules to the handles and each brush has a weight to it making it feel like it is great quality like those used in the professional makeup industry. It's also great to know that despite using goat or pony hair, these brushes are cruelty-free, and the hairs are treated with antibacterial agents.

The Studio 980 Large Powder Brush and the Studio 975 Mixed Powder Brush look very similar to one another and can be used for similar jobs. The only difference I feel between them is that 980 Large Powder Brush is more tapered which is why I prefer this as an all-over powder brush. I like it to set my foundation and concealer because it doesn't move any of the makeup underneath and deposits a lovely amount of powder on top. 975 Mixed Powder Brush also works great for this but I've been enjoying using it to apply my bronzer. I'm not speaking of contouring here, but more for an all-over glow. It picks up just enough product and doesn't place too much colour in any one place. Both of these brushes are fluffy and soft and are lovely to use.

affordable professional blusher and powder makeup brushes

At first glance the Studio 960 Precision Blusher Brush looks like a traditional, paint-on foundation brush. It is in fact a beautifully tapered, dome shaped brush that allows some serious control when applying one's blusher. I love how I can now choose where exactly I want my blush to be and where I want to take it. It's a small head that is flatter on the sides so it also makes for a wonderful highlighter brush.

Finally an eye brush and the Studio 768 Round Dome Shadow is quite unique in my collection. This brush is dense and short with a dome shape so it applies colour really well as it blends. I love this under my lower lash-line to add colour but also to smoke out the whole look which this brush does with ease.

bdellium makeup brushes

I have washed these brushes and they are easy to wash. I didn't find that the natural bristles needed any extra time particularly. The only thing I would say is that there was some shedding from all the brushes. The powder brushes seem to have spread open a little too from their original shape, making them fluffier and more dispersed but effective for their purposes nonetheless. They dried in the same time as all of my other brushes and the hairs have remained shiny.

Overall, I am very happy with these brushes as they are a delight to use. They look and feel so professional, and have me hosting tutorials via my mirror to my fictitious international makeup masterclass daily. I am impressed by the quality you get for such an affordable price and would recommend the brushes to anyone looking to invest in some professional brushes without breaking the bank.

bdellium tools affordable quality makeup brushes goat and pony hair bristles

Part 2 of this review is available here which will sees me delving further into the beautiful Maestro brushes. Oh and also, the 'b' is silent in case you were wondering ;)

Have you tried anything from Bdellium? Which brush would you use in your makeup routine? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me. As always, you're more than welcome to come and say hi to me on my Instagram.

Sal xxx | @ummbaby

*These brushes were sent to me as part of the Bdellium Tools Product Review Programe. See DISCLAIMER section for more information.

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