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Monday, November 23, 2015

review of bdellium tools maestro brushes

I've had the pleasure of trying out some beautiful brushes by Bdellium Tools, a brand focused on bringing professional brushes to the market at an affordable price point, without compromising on quality. A couple of weeks ago I reviewed brushes from their Studio line, which you can read here. Today I am reviewing brushes from their deluxe Maestro line which are made with beautifully lacquered black handles and treated with an antibacterial agent. 

bdellium tools maestro vs studio brushes
Nickel plated brass ferrules and shiny black handles distinguish these from the Studio line


First up is Maestro 985 Duet Fiber Powder Brush which is a large, tapered duo-fibre brush that can be used to apply powders all over the face. It gives a beautifully light finish that is natural. I have been enjoying using this with my mineral powder foundation. The shape of the brush allows it to fit into the contours of my face, making the coverage even and flawless. Due to its flat sides, it is also great to apply highlighter to the cheeks.

Another duo-fibre brush is the Maestro 955 Finishing Brush which is a light flat top brush that is meant to apply face powder. I actually enjoy using this more with liquid and cream products. I find the way it blends out and buffs in liquid foundations, especially those with of a thicker consistency, is gorgeous. It gives a flawless, airbrushed finish to my base that I can't get with my denser buffing brushes. This brush also applies and blends cream blush beautifully.

amazing affordable professional makeup brushes review

The brush I was most excited to try was Maestro 942 Slanted Contour Brush which is a lovely small, slanted brush that is made more attractive by its white bristles which pop against the black handles. Whenever I have complained of struggling to contour properly before, it was because I needed this brush in my life. It is very precise in applying contour powders along the cheek bones and jaw line, making it impossible to do it badly. It really allows me to get a dramatic harsh contour but is also great for blending the shade to look seamless.

affordable slanted contour brush review

Finally we have Maestro 710 Eye Liner Brush which genuinely surprised me. It is extremely fine and the tip is very small, allowing you to create a very sharp and pointed winged liner should you desire it. Until this brush actually came to be in my collection, I always thought I was able to do a pretty good winged liner with gel eyeliner. But this has just taken it to the next level. The tips can be drawn unbelievably precisely and sharply with this, and the side of the brush can be used to build up thickness to the wings quickly. I am definitely in love with this brush being a gel eyeliner lover and all.

eyeliner brush review

The biggest difference I notice between these brushes and the Studio line brushes is the way these retain their shape and form after washing. I didn't get any shedding from the duo-fibre brushes at all, and although the Slanted Contour brush did shed some hair, it didn't change its shape as much as some of the other brushes did. They definitely are of a higher quality than the Studio line as they feel stronger and like they will last longer.

I am really quite pleased with these brushes and feel like the entire Maestro line is designed and made in such a way that they would be useful to anybody that applies makeup, whether as a hobby or professionally. I wish I owned every brush in this line because when I hold them, I actually feel like I am a professional makeup artist. Using them actually makes me happy, so good work there Bdellium Tools!!! Check out Bdellium Tools for their full range of products and take advantage of free international shipping when you spend over $20.

bdellium tools studio brushes vs maestro brushes review

Remember, if you haven't already, you can read the previous part of this review here.

Which line do you prefer - Studio or Maestro? Which of these brushes tickles your fancy? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me. As always, you're more than welcome to come and say hi to me on my Instagram.

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*These brushes were sent to me as part of the Bdellium Tools Product Review Programe. See DISCLAIMER section for more information.

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