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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

flatylay of colourpop cosmetics super shock shadows

If you're anything like my sister, then believe me you're fine and dandy because ignorance is bliss. Once you enter upon the world of beauty on Instagram, life as you know it is over. And there is no peace in your beauty soul until you get your hands on some ColourPop Cosmetics which appear on my feed in multitudes, daily! Sadly though, the company does not (YET!!!) ship to UK but I have managed to get my hands on some ColourPop through a UK seller so keep reading to see swatches of their awesomeness and find out more...

ColourPop Cosmetics is based in LA and seem to be moving faster than the speed of light in creating products and shades that appeal, attract and allure. They are always one step ahead in keeping up with the trends (maybe even setting them?!?) and have gained a huge following and fan base purely because their products are of optimum quality at a ridiculously affordable price!! Their shadows and lipsticks cost only $5 (£3.26) each, their liquid lipsticks $6 (£3.92) and blushers $8 (£5.22)!!!

I know...WHY DON'T THEY SHIP TO UK? We would totally wipe them out, in the best way!!!

I have 3 ColourPop Super Shock Shadows and they are each more beautiful than the other. And that's just in the cute little white pots they come in. When swatched or, better yet, applied to the lids they look phenomenal. Mainly this is due to the fact that they are incredibly pigmented and it only takes one swipe to cover the entire lid space. The company does advise using the fingertips for the best application and I couldn't agree more. You get a much more intense colour this way, though they are just as easily applied using a brush.

colourpop desert colourpop la la colourpop bandit swatches on medium tan indian nc40 skin
ColourPop Super Shock Shadows - Desert, La La & Bandit swatched on NC40 skin tone
  • Desert is described as "warm saddle brown with a taupe satin finish" and I like this mostly as an everyday all-over-the-lids shade because its very close to my natural skin-tone so it gives my eyes a little something without being obvious. It has a beautiful sheen that almost glistens when it catches the light.
  • La La is "a true rose gold in an ultra metallic finish" that I can only describe as looking like a melted Michael Kors watch ;) It is rose gold, pure and simple. When it comes to special occasions, I can see myself reaching for this every time because it is so 'in' and makes such a dramatic statement on the eyes.
  • Bandit is described as "warm rusty brown with a matte finish" which is a stunning crease colour. Where I usually go for simple warm brown shades, this blends out and its edges appear reddish on me, giving my eye looks a different edge and dimension.
In the pot the product is bouncy to the touch and you can leave an imprint in the shadow easily because it is so soft. The brand call this their 'magic'. The forumla is best described as a spongey mousse which applies & sets like a cream shadow but blends & looks like a heavily pigmented cream shadow. Once they dry, they stay put without any creasing for hours and hours. They are then easily removed with a cleansing balm or oil. 

colourpop shadows in desert, la la and bandit

The reason why I love these shadows so much is because I'm a 'no time for faffing around' kinda gal! I literally apply Desert all over my lids with my finger and blend upwards, take Bandit through my crease with a blending brush to my desired intensity and a little along the lower lash line and finally pat on La La again with my finger on my lid. Et voila! A bit of winged liner and mascara and I look like I've spent hours on my makeup when really we are talking about a 5 minute affair ;)

I am in love with these ColourPop Super Shock Shadows and have a huge list of blushers, bronzers, highlighters, shadows, lippie stix, liquid lipsticks and lip pencils that I want need to get my hands on!!! Until they are more readily available here I will keep myself entertained by the witty names and shade descriptions of each item ;) and drool on their beautiful swatches presented on a variety of skin tones.

Have you tried any ColourPop Cosmetics yet? What are you waiting to try out from the brand? Let me know in the comments below...! Feel free to tweet me or come say hi on my Instagram.

Sal xxx

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