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Monday, October 19, 2015

beauty pick me ups flatlay

I did this as an Instagram post a couple of months ago as a tag which limited me to only 5 products, so I've decided to update it and include more things and share them with you.

Here are some of my favourite beauty products that really can turn my day around - and when you've got 3 bundles of joy energy running around all day, it's nice to know that something can give me that much needed sense of calm and peace.

thebalm Mary-Lou Manizer, Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl and MAC Twig

If there's one thing that guarantees to make me feel awake and alive even if I don't feel like the day is going so great it's a bit of makeup. I couldn't even give birth without a bit of eyeliner (fact!) and I've been a fan of Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl - CocoaBean £5 for years now. It glides on, accentuating the eyes and lash line without looking harsh or dramatic. A bit of a glow also really lifts my spirit when I'm a bit down making me feel like I'm super glammed up even if I've only been at the sink doing the washing up for 6 hours and I can't seem to find any highlighter that matches theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer £17.50, which I reviewed here. And we all know that lipstick can alter your mood and attitude and recently MAC Satin Lipstick - Twig £15.50 just seems to brighten up my day. 

Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume, The Body Shop Mandarin & Tangelo oil and Laura Mercier Honey Bath

Scents can transport you to worlds you've never seen, never dreamed of so for me they are a vital port of call when I need cheering up or de-stressing. Firstly I have to make sure my surroundings smell pleasant or I can't relax and The Body Shop Mandarin & Tangelo Home Fragrance Oil £4 has been my favourite home fragrance for a long time. It's a warm citrus scent that is powerful, beautiful and lingers. Even just one little spritz of my favourite perfume can bring a smile to my face. Since unearthing the beautifully packaged Paco Rabanne Lady Million 50ml £52.50, that my wonderful husband bought for me and watched me stash and forget about (oopsy?!?), I have been relying on its balanced floral and fruity cocktail to distract me from my monotonous routine.

lady million perfume, laura mercier honey bath and the body shop fragrance oil

It's going to sound cliché but the results of taking a bath are instantaneous for me. Although it's rare to find the time, I can go into my bath feeling moody, stressed and grumpy but come out feeling giddy, giggly with a spring in my step. Maybe it has something to do with the ultimate luxury treat that is Laura Mercier Golden Honey Musk Honey Bath (not currently available) which smells like it could be one of the divine scents of heaven. 

Antipodes Aura manuka honey mask, bobbi brown vitamin enriched face base and sali hughes pretty honest beauty book

Like baths, I seem to struggle to find the time to pamper myself with a mask but when I do Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Treatment Mask (£18.17 hereis one of my favourites. It smells like something from my childhood (still can't figure out what), though I don't think it's nostalgia alone that makes this mask lush. It's got a lovely texture that doesn't dry out or tug at the skin which makes it an ideal choice for lifting me and making me happy. I also love to follow this with an equally lush smothering of Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base £39, which smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling plump, looking fresh and most of all looking like I've had a good night's sleep.

Finally, it's a book which I've yet to read cover to cover since purchasing it last year. I know that sounds scandalous but I've been savouring it. Sali Hughes is my favourite beauty brain and her book Pretty Honest £14.96 gives me such great pleasure when I read little snippets here and there, it's as though we are always in the middle of a beauty related conversation, every time I pick it up. It serves as my beauty escape at those times when I can't physically enjoy any of the products mentioned above.

beauty products that make me feel better or lift my mood

I hope you enjoyed learning about the things I love and that really do 'pick me up' when I am down. What are your favourite beauty pick-me-ups? What makes you smile when you're stressed? Let me know in the comments below. 

Feel free to tweet me or indeed come say hi on my Instagram where I can regularly be found lurking ;)

Sal xxx

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