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Friday, October 30, 2015

mens grooming products

I'm starting a new series called Beauty Confessions, though it could just as well be called 'The Weirdest Things I Love To Use/Do' because for some reason I now want to declare to the world my obscure obsessions when it comes to beautification. LOL!

As you can probably tell from the tone of the images, my Beauty Confession this time is centered around all things male *insert dubious, curious emoji here*...

Even though it brings tears to my eyes to watch my husband's grooming routine, or rather lack thereof, I have to say I quite like being the beacon of beautification in my household (I am for now at least - I have 3 baby girls!!!). He's quite comfortable using his shower gel as his face wash *cringe* and using Baby Oil from head to toe without a care in the world *double cringe*. He couldn't care less. And as much as I hate it, I have to admit, it keeps me from becoming insecure. The last thing I want is my husband spending more than 2 minutes in the bathroom pampering his face, or recommending a product more suited to my concerns or telling me that he's discovered a skincare gem!

No! Eww! That's my world!!!

best mens deodorant

Anyway, if that wasn't confessional enough for you, let me get back to topic and share with you the weirdest product I love to use:

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Deodorant Stick £21 is about as masculine as a roll-on deodorant can get. Its a cold steel grey, with silver lettering, a tough to open screw top lid and is so chunky it can be difficult to apply in the pits of one's arms (TMI?). I mean, in all fairness, we girls have been spoilt by brands who continually bring us an array of ergonomically redesigned roll-ons. 

My husband had this sitting in his pile of stuff, untouched and unused since he's not a fan of this style of deodorant. I sniffed it, liked loved it, and didn't think it fair that a perfectly good, useful, beneficial, and let's face it, necessary product should go to waste. So I snapped it up and I'm addicted to it.

Yes, it is slightly weird smelling how I like my husband to smell. Yes it's also weird to come at my body with a product that has the word L'HOMME gleaming across the front. Yes, it's also a bit weird to have it sitting amongst the rest of my products, glaring at it all with its overt masculinity. It's just a weird product for me to love to use.

Mens grooming products good for women too

But in all honesty it's amazing. The cologne scent is generic but comforting. The texture is like a solid gel that glides on and doesn't leave a sticky residue, or a layer of gunk that you have to wait a long while for it to dry. It doesn't stain my clothes. MOST IMPORTANTLY: I feel quite cool using an super manly product without feeling an ounce less girly. Haha!

It really does come down to the packaging which attempted to dictate its client's gender but instead met its match when it encountered me! So really it isn't so much weird as it is disconcerting at first glance to see it on my dresser.And really who else, apart from you lovely people, will ever know that I use this daily and love it?!?

unisex mens toiletries

What is the weirdest beauty product you use? Is there something that you have in your stash or your routine that you find yourself hiding from everyone even though you adore it? Let me know in the comments or indeed tweet me. Feel free to come say hi on my Instagram :)

Sal xxx | @ummbaby

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